Sikh Landlord Protests Outside Domino’s Pizza to Collect Rent for 3 Years

A Sikh man protested outside of Patel Nagar, Delhi Domino’s pizza due to the international chain restaurant not paying rent for 3 years. The man stood outside with a sign taped to him and a large sign on his car.

The man made an appeal on social media:

He peacefully protested outside in an effort to get some of his rent paid. A video of the man was made and went viral on social media. The company under pressure from people on social media paid the man part of his rent.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa wrote on social media:

“S. Gurdeep Singh of East Patel Nagar thanks everyone for the support. He got a partial payment of rent due from Domino’s Pizza outlet. He has been promised that all his dues will be cleared by the company. That’s the power of raising our voice on social media”

The Sikh landlord gave a thank you message to Sikh Sangat around the world:

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