A Canada based duo, Judhbir (Jay) Singh and Charn Gurpreet Singh, have launched a new product line featuring sculptures inspired by the revolutionary stories of Sikh history in an effort to expand artistic reach among the Sikh diaspora.

Kickstartedt Campaign to fund Sculpture Project: http://kck.st/1PsRTm8

The idea stems from an artist, Manjit Singh, father of Charn Gurpreet, who wished to convey the legendary stories of Sikh martyrs in a way that would be accessible to all Sikh households. The young entrepreneurs are on a quest to take Manjit Singh’s vision and turn it into a reality.

The sculptures are beautifully constructed and detailed, the first of which depicts the martyrdom of the Younger Sahibzade. Each sculpture is the result of a long and intricate process, beginning with collection of raw material, followed by design, production and final assembly. They are made of brass, and thus far have been hand crafted by Manjit Singh. Each sculpture stands approximately 15” high and is 20” long, weighing a whole 26 lbs.

On January 13th, 2016, Judhbir & Charn Gurpreet began a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help automate parts of the production process so as to be able to reach larger scale and make this product available to the masses. It is their hope that these sculptures will bring Sikh history to life by bringing stories of martyrs into each and every Sikh household.

For more details and to be part of the campaign to help fund this project, visit their website at www.asceticmariners.com or the facebook page at facebook.com/asceticmariners

For supporting the campaign, click here: http://kck.st/1PsRTm8

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