The Oak Creek Police Officers Brian Murphy and Sam Lenda who helped saved many lives at the Oak Creek Gurdwara massacre received the medal of honor by the Attorney General and Vice President.

The 2 officers responded to a 911 call of a shooter open firing at the Sikh Gurdwara.



First on the scene Brian Murhpy was hit with 12 bullets by a racist who opened fired inside the Sikh Gurdwara. The man killed 6 Sikhs and left 3 wounded. The 2nd officer Lenda arrived on the scene and disabled the gunman which resulted in and self inflicted gun shot to the head.

The two men were rewarded with the Medal of Honor for their “selfless actions” which prevented further causalities.

The Vice President called the 22 officers receiving the medal during the ceremony “rare breed” and said “we love you for it.”

The special ceremony started in 2003 to honor officers who risked their life to save others.

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