A Sikh Group called Sikh Youth of Punjab has written a letter condemning the film “Nanak Shah Fakir” by stating the film depicts a role of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The group which is being reported as a youth group of Dal Khalsa Jathebandi has taken a stand against the film.

The producers of the film have stated they have the approval of the Akal Takht in the teaser released last week.

In the letter, the group says an “an attack on the Sikh principles” was committed by showing images along with voice over of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The letter went onto say that all films which depict roles of Gurus will be protested against so such films aren’t produced.

Here is the letter:

Sikh youth1a

On a separate note, the dialogue at the end is completely wrong by the narrator stating “You are Sikh of Ek Onkar.” First of all, there is no historical evidence that Guru Nanak Dev Ji said this.

After the teaser was released, a major promoter of such films has dropped it from it’s pipeline.

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