Sikh Youth Birmingham have experience in dealing with crime and addiction. We offer our help to anyone suffering from any addiction; be it someone who has come forward to us for help or someone we have come across on the streets or in a public place.

Our volunteers hold no judgement upon others as Sikhi teaches us compassion for others, equal rights to all and to forgive those who want to reform. We cannot do this all by ourselves. Whether you can offer professional help, guide someone with an addiction towards help e.g. by getting in touch with Sikh Youth Birmingham or just be there for someone who needs a good friend. Every Sikh, every human has a duty to selflessly help those in need as all our Gurus taught and practised. The Sikh community need to unite on such things, especially taboo issues in our community and help reform the dire state of the Panth to create a better future for the upcoming generations.

This video involves someone with a Class A Heroin drug addiction who opened up to Sikh Youth Birmingham about how he’s lost everything to addiction, wants help and tells us what he’s learnt about what matters most in life: God, family, friends and not money, women or intoxicants – the things that people chase after all their lives in some way or another.
– Note: We took permission off the person for this video to be taken and aired for our channel.

Contact Sikh Youth Birmingham if you are someone with an addiction, or a family member or friend who are seeking any help or advice, as we are here to support everyone. All information given will be confidential.

Contact us for further information and to keep updated by:

•Phone: 07761251840

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