Sikh Group: Assault on Sikh in UK Supermarket a “Terror Attack”

Press Release by The Sikh Youth Project

The Sikh community are deeply saddened and shocked by the vicious attack on 24 year old Sarandev Singh Bhambra in Wales on Wednesday.
The perpetrator of this crime had been widely reported as a white supremacist which supports the witness accounts of comments shouted by him at the scene.

Despite the incident being a terrorist attack in nature against a British citizen, neither the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Politicians or Media have provided anywhere near an adequate response to the incident in line with other terror attacks.
It is concerning, the whole incident seems to be actively downplayed, despite containing all the hallmark’s of a terrorist attack, namely the use of violence in the pursuit of political ideology.

In this case the culprit has clearly been witnessed exhibiting his extremist ideology by repeatedly shouting ” White Power ” during the process of his attack on a targeted innocent male.

The incident should be addressed as a terror attack and the Police across the United Kingdom should be be allocating resources towards the security of all vulnerable communities and religious establishments.
Sikhs regularly face the backlash following Islamist terror attacks in the Western hemisphere however the Police still appear oblivious to the risk to the Sikh community.

The media has openly reported the vulnerability of the Jewish community but remain mute on the Sikhs. Sikh Channel will be actively pursuing this issue to ensure the safety of all communities.
“”Sikhs have made and continue to make tremendous contributions to Britain. 83,005 turban wearing Sikh soldiers were killed and 109,045 were wounded in WW1 and WW2 fighting for Britain and today Sikhs are one of the most hard working and integrated communities here.
We are a very strong and visible part of Britain’s fabric, so we appeal for calm and solidarity between all communities. We shouldn’t let the actions of a few ignorant individuals divide us” states Kam Singh on behalf of Sikh Channel.

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