Dr. Raghbir Singh bains was given “Prime Minister Voluntary Award” for his selfless services in Canada. In a special event which was attended by many dignitaries and prominent people, Dr. Bains was the first Indian born to receive the special award and recognition.


Dr. Bains a man of many hats has led the crusade against HIV Aids by holding many conferences and seminars to create awareness and battle the disease in many African countries. He is known as a doctor, environmentalist, philanthropist, a well-known drug therapist, and a community organizer.

Dr. Bains accomplished many phenomenal feats in his life some of them being launching the first ever multimedia technology Sikh encyclopedia, led the charge on reducing pollution, led the initiative of communal and interfaith harmony, helps immigrants establish, winner of many national international awards, and organizing fund raising for charities, among other accomplishments.

He is a prime example of incorporating compassion and devotion to the selfless service he has done in society. A humanitarian who is leading the way in making a difference in society and inspiring others to do selfless service.

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