Sikh Girl Kidnapped and Converted to Islam in Pakistan, Family Demands Return of Girl

A Sikh girl was kidnapped from her home and forcefully converted to Islam by Muslim men in Pakistan according to the family of the girl. A video went viral on social media which shows a Sikh family from Sri Nankana Sahib who are appealing Pakistan’s Prime Minister for the safe return of their daughter.

According to the family, the girl was forcefully removed from “goons” from their home and tortured to accept Islam. The family immediately went to the police and had them file an FIR. The family states the police did not act and now they are appealing to the nation’s PM for her safe return.

The family further stated that the “goons” had threatened them to take back the FIR or the whole family would be converted to Islam. The family appealed to the public on social media to help them in the safe return of their daughter.

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