Public Announcement:
URGENT: Sikh girl forced into prostitution!!


Sikh student studying at a Midlands based university forced into prostitution in the UK by grooming gang. Many Sikh girls have gotten groomed by grooming gangs in the UK. The groomers target girls at Nagar Kirtans dressed up as Sikh boys with Karas. The girls are fooled and forced to have sexual encounters with numerous men.

Hundreds of men have been arrested just in the past few years with charges of exploiting underage girls. A major problem in the UK which was largely ignored until activists started sounding the alarm.

Sikh girls have been one of the biggest targets of these men who’ve learned to easily fool them.

WATCH Sikh Channel, Sky 829 TONIGHT 8pm for full details.

HOW she got groomed AND how you can prevent this happening to your friends and family.

Please get this announced at your local Gurdwara and let others know.


Prevention is better than the cure.

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