Sikh Federation UK condemned the violence on peaceful Sikh protesters.

Via: Sikh Federation UK

Our eternal Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was desecrated in Moga. Following many powerful but peaceful protests against the disgraceful and criminal action the punjab police have again demonstrated their brutality and disregard for Sikh lives by opening fire on unarmed innocent crowds!

Any expectations of the Indian authorities to investigate this heinous crime against our Guru are non existent as again Sikhs are forced to defend themselves whilst religious leaders as preachers are indiscriminately arrested and held without charge or reason!

This is not the 1980’s it’s 2015 but the ill-treatment and discrimination of Sikhs and minorities continues unabated by the law! All in the age of social media.

So the question to all, including certain sections of our own community, UK and foreign governments and Human Rights organisation is… Are these innocent Sikhs to blame for this as well, are the lives of innocent Sikhs not worth anything, have we all forgotten the immense sacrifices made for us as Sikhs, the Hindu faith, the British and its Allies?

How long will you all remain silent and pretend these abuses of human rights are not happening or you can’t do anything about them?
The Sikh Federation (UK) condemn all those involved in planning, participating, protecting and those who remain silent of all the crimes and abuses on our fellow human beings in India.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”
The Sikh Federation (UK)

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