Sikh Family Reunites Deaf Muslim Boy After Raising Him For 9 Years

In what has to be one of the greatest humanitarian gestures, a Sikh family adopted a missing Muslim boy named Abdul Razak after he went missing from UP and ended up in Punjab. The boy whose medically deaf was 6 years old when he went missing from UP and somehow ended up in Punjab.

The Fatehgarh Sahib family raised the child for 9 years and paid for his schooling at the School for the Deaf in Patiala. Gurnam Singh who adopted the child made every effort to locate the family of the boy but he was unsuccessful.

The boy formed a strong connection with the family and the Sikh family provided the boy with all his needs. The boy whose deaf from birth taught sign language to the family and bonded with the family.

The boy was relocated with his biological family through social media.