Sikh entrepreneur hits back at Facebook

Jyotveer Singh, the Founder of the AnonCare App (UK) has responded to Facebook with an innovative commercial which showcases the preference of ‘Prayer’ over ‘Like’.

The commercial features volunteers from the UK Sikh charity Nishkam SWAT along with footage from Harmandir Sahib. As well as promoting his innovative App, the video also serves to give exposure to the Nishakam Sewa (selfless service) carried out by Sikh communities. This is something Jyotveer feels technology can take inspiration from.

Promoting the Sikh principles of selfless service Jyotveer’s ‘AnonCare App’ encourages users to carry out compassionate interactions with a ‘Wish Well’ and ‘Offer a Prayer’ button that give the end receiver intimidate notification of kind gestures.

There is also no need to make connections, on AnonCare there is one social feed where everyone is connected, creating a shared responsibility for the well-being of others. So far AnonCare has brought people together from China, Africa, UK, India and the US to create global cohesion and inter-dependence.

With the current issues facing the world today, this technology is both timely and relevant.

AnonCare is available today from Google Play and The App Store.

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