Sikh Elders Use Turbans to Rescue 2 Drowning Girls

A report has come out of Northeast Calgary, Canada where two girls were rescued by Sikh elders after they fell through the ice in a storm water pond.

Two girls walked out on thin ice on a pond when suddenly they fell through the ice. Sikh elders walking nearby quickly ran towards the pond to save the girl. They first attempted to use siding which was laying near the pond but it would not reach the girls.

They all took their turbans off and threw it towards the girls in an effort for them to use the turban to drag them back towards shore. After a few minutes, the girls were rescued from the pond.

EMS arrived on the scene around 11:30am when receiving call for two girls submerged in the storm water pond.

The Sikh elders quick thinking rescued the girls before they got extreme hypothermia.

Watch the video: GLOBAL NEWS

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