Sikh Delegation Meets PM Modi in NY on Sikh Issues (Video)

New York, Sep 28 (ANI): The members of Sikh delegation in New York said that they have high hopes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of their meeting with the PM. One of the members Surinder Singh said that they want Modi to solve the issue of Sikh riots in 1984 where many innocent people lost their lives. Another member Jasdeep Singh said that they expect Modi to solve problems of visa being faced by those who came and settled in the country in early 80s. Also, another member Chatur Singh Saini said that Modi should open more opportunities at the Indo-American level for Indians.

Sikh delegations from USA & Canada meet PM… by dailysikhupdates

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Part 1

Sikh Delegation Meets Modi in NY on Sikh Issues… by dailysikhupdates

Part 2

Sikh Delegation Meets PM Modi in USA by dailysikhupdates

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