Sikh Creates First “Facebook” For Healthcare

A Sikh by the name of Jyotveer Singh creates the first ever Social Network to help patients and doctors meet free of cost. It’s sort of like Facebook but all about healthcare. A person who might have symptoms or an illness can share his or her situation and others can provide essential feedback and response. Anoncare also connects people with professionals in the field who are willing those in need. We are very glad such a network has been created to help much needed people.


“Share health related experiences with patients living with similar conditions, in need of an open-hearted response of respect and care. The AnonCare patient portal promotes shared values of compassion and empathy. Join today


We believe in the transformative power of love, love that protects us in our vulnerability while also impelling us to tend to the needs of others.

Our mission is to foster awareness of the power of love and compassion through selfless service in the global health community.

Driven by the slogan ‘no one is a stranger and I am friend of all’, we invite you to reach out to patients on the network, who as a result of a health condition, may be subject to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and helplessness.

We are changing the way people communicate about their health by connecting patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals on Anon Care, the online care community.

• Join groups on health topics important to you,
• make friends who share your health interests,
• watch clinical films,
• play interactive educational games,
• share information, discuss experiences and create networks with people,
• and lots more

It’s free and there are lots of exciting features for you to explore.

Join the Anon Care family today at

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