The following is a statement from one of the most respected persons in Britain Lord Indarjit Singh of Wimbledon:

The secret meeting was so secret, that neither the High Commission nor senior figures in the Sikh Council were aware of it.

It is stretching credulity to suggest that Mr Modi is so close to the Sikh Council that he agreed to a secret meeting behind the backs of even those in the High Commission!

The reality is the supposed meeting, with Mr Modi agreeing that the Council’s list of demands, almost certainly never took place, and is simply a ploy to justify a cheap photo opportunity at the expense of Sikh interests.

If the UK Sikh community is to make any progress, advisors to the Council, like S Gurmukh Singh, should condemn such un-Sikh like behaviour rather than indulge in diversionary waffle about what S Sahib Singh said on a totally unrelated issue.

Lord Singh of Wimbledon

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