A secret meeting took place between the Indian PM Narendra Modi with Gurmel Singh from the Sikh Council UK, Bhai Mohinder Singh of Nishkam Sevak Jatha,  President of Singh Sabha Southall Gurmail Malhi, and Jasdev Rai. 

Gurmel Singh from Sikh Council UK has termed the meeting as “useful” and “constructive” but many have expressed disappointment as the meeting wasn’t announced or discussed with other SCUK members.

SCUK and others meet Indian PM
SCUK and others meet Indian PM


Modi Tweeted this picture and wrote: "Interacted with the Punjabi community in London. We exchanged thoughts on various issues."
Modi Tweeted this picture and wrote: “Interacted with the Punjabi community in London. We exchanged thoughts on various issues.”

After news of the meeting surfaced, a member of the SCUK resigned stating, “with no Pantic mandate, no real consensus with the Gurdwaras/Sangat and no real agenda shared within Sikh Council UK, I believe you ended making a terrible decision that was not in line with what I believed Sikh Council UK stood for.”

The member further stated, “To me this was no different in the covert decision making by the elite groups that Sikh Council UK was set up to eradicate. To be associated with a group that felt it had the right to represent the Khalsa Panth today with Modi and nit in Punjab at the Sarbat Khalsa on Tuesday 10 November is a huge embarrassment and disappointment.”

According to social media reports, more SCUK are getting ready to submit their resignation letters after the surprise meeting with the Indian PM. Currently, there is a broad disappointment among Sikhs in the UK over the meeting.

According to the press release issued by the Sikh Council UK, the following issues were discussed:

  • Release of Sikh political prisoners
  • Prosecution of Police officers involved in human rights violations in Punjab
  • Justice for the Sikh genocide oi November 1984
  • Returning rare and priceless items taken by the Indian Army in June 1984 from the Sikh Reference Library. Sri Harmandar Sahib
  • Review oi Article 25 oi the Indian Constitution
  • Compensation for Sikh farmers in Gujart forced to leave and prosecution of those responsible for violent attacks against them
  • Increase in the cases oi deliberate desecration of Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Secretary General of Sikh Council UK, Gurmel Singh said. “The meeting was useful as it was probably the first time ever Sikhs were able to openly meet with and clearly outline the lack of justice and severe human rights concerns directly to the Prime Minister of India. PM Modi accepted our concerns were legitimate and agreed on a formal process to further address these concerns through his appointed National Security Adviser.”


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