The Sikh Council UK is concerned to read the headline containing the reference “religious militants” in the article published by The Telegraph on 2nd September 2015.

In 1909 the Anand Marriage Act was enacted by the British Government in India which recognised the Anand Karaj as being the marriage ceremony where the couple are Sikhs.

It seems bizarre that an internal campaign within the Sikh community to uphold the sanctity of the Anand Karaj, which provides the transition from a single to a married/family life, should be labelled as “religious militancy”.

It is clearly not being understood that a core principle of Sikhi is to live a moral and ethical married/family life, which is a means towards spiritual growth. The 4 Laava(n) prayers conducted during the Anand Karaj Ceremony clearly states that the belief in one God and the Guru is paramount. Therefore, unless both partners have belief and commitment to Sikhi, the ceremony becomes a meaningless event.

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