National Sikh Campaign has expressed shock at the attack on Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh which has resulted in the killing of 10 members of the Jewish community. A gunman spewing out hateful and anti-Semitic epithets has killed people mercilessly while sacred prayers were being offered during a family event in a synagogue.

Sikh community in United States is saddened at the shooting and the killing of members of the Jewish community today. These are precious lives taken away from their loved ones and we feel for all the families of the victims. This is not only a trauma for our Jewish brothers and sisters but for all faith communities. We will continue to pray for the families of the victims.

We strongly feel that we, as a society and a nation, has the responsibility to make sure that no community in this country should feel unsafe. No child should have to go through the trauma of seing their own community members mowed down due to hate. This is extremely hurtful for all of us. All churches, synagogues, Temples, mosques and Gurdwaras should be a safe place for all faith communities. The political rhetoric in this country lately is not helpful and the leadership of this country ought to send signals which give solace to all communities.

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