Sikh Child Asks BRILLIANT Question (Video)

A Sikh child has asked a brilliant question and has received a lot of applause for it.

Credits to Chardi Kala Time TV For this video

(i) The Statement “Waheguru is everywhere but we need other ‘eyes’ to see Him” is often sung in the Gurdwaras.
To explain this, we may take the example of the sun. Our daily life revolves around this great gift of Waheguru, and we may not know about it. The petroleum we use, the juice we drink, the cereals, vegetables, and fruit we eat, all have sun (actually the sun’s energy) in them. However, we don’t see or feel any sun in them. We know that plants and trees absorb sun light (energy) to grow and produce food for other living beings. Trees when buried in the earth over a long period get converted into coal and petroleum. They release the energy received from the sun when we bum them.

In the same way Waheguru, the great Sun of Suns, is the cause of the whole creation and is in the creation but without being visible to us. There is nothing without Him, not even the sun, stars, human beings, animals, plants, etc. Waheguru is everywhere,Waheguru is nowhere. Waheguru is immanent and transcendent. Waheguru thus appears to be a paradox when any one tries to describe Him.

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