(DSU News Bureau) A Sikh Channel presenter by the name of Harvey Khaira made comments on his wall which have hurt sentiments Sikhs in the UK.

The presenter called peaceful protesting Sikhs outside UK Cinema halls against film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ “extremist” and “Khaliban” implying the word Taliban and extremism to Sikhs.

The shocking thing is that he is a host of a prominent and major Sikh network. The comments are unacceptable by a host of The Sikh Channel, the news network which is a major asset to the Sikh community for it’s Panthic views.


Instead, the comments of the presenter seemed extremist in nature as he was accusing Sikhs who were using their right of freedom of expression.

However, the larger issue is that such words shouldn’t be used as it gives the larger public negative impression of Sikhs. The word now being used causally could become negatively popular if it’s further popularized.

It’s shocking ┬ápeople within the Sikh community have come up with such a word like “Khaliban” in today’s world where already we are struggling to tell the world who we are.

Now, he indirectly called members of the Major Sikh groups in the UK who were out in the protests such as the Sikh Helpline, Sikh Council UK, Sikh Federation UK and others “Khaliban.”

What does the world Khaliban even mean? Does it mean raping 2 year old girls or committing atrocities? How does creating a word that rhymes with Taliban imply to peaceful protesting Sikhs?

The Sikhs were doing nothing illegal and expressing their freedom of speech by protesting against the film.

The Sikhs are demanding a public apology by Harvey Khaira on Sikh Channel.

Outraged Sikhs expressed the feelings with the following comments on the wall of Harvey Khaira:

Deep Singh “A disgraceful comment
This our panth our gurdwara leaders the sikh council family’s were at this protest children mums dads people
And family’s you publically lashed you are dissing these families you do a show on sikh channel you are a role model to the wider nation and you do comments that are ridiculous Bruv sikh channel should be ashamed to have someone like you criticising and dissing the panth like that”

Sarbloh Gym “The fact that you are a presenter on the Sikh channel IS relevant and should NOT be kept separate. Your uneducated and twisted opinion is seen and heard by people because of the fact that you work on the channel. The Channel has given you a platform to reach the masses. A platform you have abused to push your misguided opinion onto a wider audience. That two SHAL NOT and WILL NOT be kept separate.

Deep Singh That’s your guru that’s the panth you dissed you again shouldn’t be leading on national channels representing the voice of sikhs as you are against the panth

Deep Singh They are not khali ban how dare you put them on same level as extremeists who kill babies rape woman your remark khali ban is a dig at tali ban you are a disgrace.

The following comments were post on various threads:

Gurj Singh Shergill I have post this in a few other places too, but it’s what I think on the matter, regarding people like this guy…

I have been reading comments from both sides of the debate.

Regardless of the views one thing has stood out. A group of people have peacefully made a point, which has been accepted, and respected. Then came the slandering, calling them Taliban, calling them extremist and idiots etc… Now, sit back and look at who are the real extremist, it is the people who disagree with the peaceful ones, because they are doing the slandering and the name calling.

In a democracy you have freedom of speech, and you have freedom of protest. Yet these people are being slandered and being called unnecessary names, by the so called democratic people.

People will have different opinions, but the attitude from the people who see no problem with the film, is what is most wrong about the whole affair, because they cannot except someone having a different view and peacefully making a point. They have resulted in getting personal and name calling.

In the end, the ones who have called people Taliban etc, are closer to the Taliban then anyone else, because they don’t want to allow anyone to have a different view to them.

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