A Sikh Cab Driver Sarbjit from Brisbane Australia returned $5,000 dollars worth of cash from a jacket left in his taxi. The passenger 34 year old Zillmere hadn’t even known how much money was in his pocket but he knew there was quite a few due to the many hundred dollar bills.


When asked about the money the Sikh Cab Driver said, “I never thought about keeping it.” “It wasn’t my money, how could I have kept it?”

Sarbjit picked the passenger up from Brisbane International and after Dropping him off in the city noticed the passenger had left behind his jacket.

Sarbjit took it on himself to track the passenger down by visiting a hotel he thought he might have stayed. After going to great lengths to find the passenger he left his phone number with the hotel reception.

The relieved passenger contacted Sarbjit and became reunited with his lost cash.

“The customer was very, very happy,” Mr Malhi said. “I can’t imagine a happier customer.”

The passenger gave Sarbjit a reward of $100 for his honesty.

The cab driver encouraged others to return what doesn’t belong to them right away.

The Sikh faith teaches to work hard with honest means and the driver upheld the tenets of his faith.

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