Sikh Businessman Brutally Killed in West London

A tragic story of a Sikh Businessman has come from West London where he was found dead underneath a car.

Witnesses on the scene reported that due to an altercation Manmeet Singh age 44 was run over by Mercedes car in Hounslow. Manmeet was involved in the fight with an unknown person resulting in the death of the man.

The matter is under police investigation and sources have revealed the incident occurred in front of the Passage to India Restaurant in Housnlow.

Eyewitnesses told the police that they heard loud screams and shouting coming from underneath the Mercedes car and they saw kegs from beneath the car.

Emergency services arrived on the scene and tried to save the man’s life but he succumbed to his injuries an hour after the incident.

A suspect involved in the incident was arrested and later released on bail according to reports.

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