Sikh Bus Conductor Teaches Boy Lesson For Harassing Girl

Following the Orbit bus scandal, incidents of harassment of girls on public transport has become a major talking point as incidents are reported everyday.

But with a different outcome, a video of a Sikh bus conductor of a Punjab roadways bus has gone viral across social networking sites in which he alerts the bus driver to stop his bus as he sees a boy harassing a girl. The driver of the small vehicle is said to have been ill treating the girl as he was on the road.

The conductor instantly exited off the bus and confronted the car driver much to the relief of the girl. Other people also came on to the scene and taught the boy a lesson. The actions of the Sikh conductor have been praised widely on social media as the video goes viral.

The bus conductor’s timely response rescued the girl.

Sikh Conductor Saves Girl by dailysikhupdates

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