Sikh Boys Win Gold in Boxing at World Championships

Team GB British Team get two gold medals at the Twin Stallions at the World Championships in Germany. Two Sikh boys Jabarjang Singh and Jarnail Singh both won gold medals in their respective categories.

Both faught hard tournaments with opponents from around the World. Jabarjang Singh had many fights and opened eyes of different coaches from around the world and earned praises with his tremendous performances and techniques. Jabarjang won GOLD and was crowned new WORLD CHAMPION representing TEAM GB.

Jarnail Singh fought a hard tournament aswell in a older category after being layed off for a month with health issues and did TEAM GB proud with his performances. Literally Jarnail Head Kick KO’d every opponent in 1st round up until the final. Jarnail won gold and was crowned the New World Champion representing team Great Britian.

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