Sikh Boy Saves Life of Two Girls in Nagpur

Sikh youth saves honour of two girls. Monty Singh, a Sikh youth from Nagpur, Maharashtra, has taught lesson to four goons alone with his kirpan (small sword) and rescued two young girls from the clutches of the criminals who were trying to rape them. Monty without caring for his life he saved the honour of the girls.

The incident took place when Monty Singh was returning from Chanderpur after completing his work. At that time two girls who were on the road and four criminals surrounded them and tried to rape them. While this was going on, no one came to the aid of the girls but Monty Singh took out his kirpan and fought with the criminals to save the honour of girls.

During the ordeal, the criminals put dust in the Singh’s eyes and they ran away from the place. In this fight with the criminals singh suffered facture in his arm.

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