Sikh Boy Saves Life of Girl at the Last Second in Noida

A Sikh boy saved the life of a woman attempting to do suicide from a triple story building in Noida. The Girl was attempting to jump off the roof top. The boy named Manjit Singh a B Tech student from Sharda University grabbed her arm as she was jumping off.

The boy was congratulated by many for saving the life of the girl.

The following message was posted with the video:

This Brave Guy Sardar Manjot singh student at Sharda university GR.Noida today saved life of this girl who was attempting suicide as was upset due to some unknown reason. A

s entire people were busy making video of her suicide he came out risking his own life to save as per sikh religion teaches to save the needful. Kudos to this Brave Soul….And He is our Bhangra teacher too so we feel proud of him.

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