A Sikh student in New Zealand was awarded 45,000 dollars after a tribunal held in the country found Indian Origin employers guilty of abusing, racial harassment, and humiliation.

The name of the Sikh boy Satnam Singh said he was racially abused and physically assaulted by the his Indian employers for 2 months in a liquor store he worked at in Mount Roskill which is a suburb of Auckland.

Despite the harrassment and abuse, Singh was paid well below the minimum wage and had taken the job on a part time bases to pay for some of his schooling costs as he was on a student visa to study in the country.

The owner of the store had made many racial comments to the Sikh boy particularly pertaining to his long hair.

The major incident which occurred on March 6, 2012, was when the owner of the liquor store hit the boy with a clipboard knocking the turban off of his head.

Satnam said the man had told him, “If I see you again you’ll lose your turban and your teeth.”

After the incident, Satnam didn’t return back to the store.

Satnam became mentally disturbed after the torture he went through from his employers he told the tribunal that he suffered from depression and was suicidal due the stress from abuse.

The boy was so mentally tortured and became afraid that the liquor store owner would send someone to attack him that he cut his hair and beard to avoid abuse.

The tribunal concluded that Satnam Singh suffered from hate attacks and racial harrassment and awarded 45,000 dollars for damages of humiliation and loss of dignity.

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