Sikh Becomes Hero of New York City After Heroic Act (Video)

A New York tow truck operator, who rescued a 13-year-old boy struck by a New York Police Department school safety van, is now talking about his role in the dramatic rescue, which was captured on video.
After the student was hit on Coney Island Ave., Izzy Weiss started videotaping the incident. Jaswinder Singh then arrived and attempted to lift up the vehicle as the boy was trapped underneath. EMTs were also on the scene quickly, but the first attempt to free the boy was unsuccessful, according to Weiss in an ABC 7 Chicago report.
Singh, an employee for Precision Collision in Queens, then used the lift on his tow truck to get the vehicle off of the boy, whose clothing and backpack were caught underneath the van. Firefighters then worked to free the student. After he fell to the ground, first responders were able to stabilize him before he was transferred to an ambulance with reported injuries to his pelvis.
Singh says he has talked to the boy’s father and is planning on visiting him in a few days.
Sikh rescues a student in NYC and becomes a hero.
See video here.

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