Tejpal Singh says his visit to UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakshnath Peeth could have turned into a nightmare if the 56-year-old had not gathered courage to resist the cops and put his point “blatantly”.

“It never happened ever since the 1984 Sikh riots that I was asked to remove my turban in Gorakhpur,” said a visibly moved Singh, who was also thankful to Yogi for his kind gesture.

Tejpal, a resident of Gurudwara locality, was overwhelmed to know that the CM will be attending to woes of the people on Friday.

“I went to the Gorakhsnath Dham early on Thursday and was successful in getting a pass to meet him,” said Singh, flaunting the pass.

However, the nightmare began when he reached the last security cordon on Friday afternoon.
“There was an officer whose name (mentioned on his nameplate) was SN Siddharth. He asked me as to why I am carrying a knife. I told him that it is a kripaan – a holy sign of our religion – but he tried to pull me down,” Singh narrated.

However, as the media turned their cameras on me, he left me instructing a female cop to intercept me, he added.
“The female cop asked me to take off my turban. Then an altercation took place after which I said whether you allow me to meet the CM or not, I will not take off my turban,” Singh added.

After all the ruckus, Singh was finally let in. “I narrated my woes to the CM and he was kind enough to accompany me to the gate where it all happened. However, all the misbehaving cops were missing from there, and Yogiji assured me of proper action,” a relieved Singh said later.
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