Significance of Baaj in Sikhism by Pankaj Kanwal posted on DSU:


The hawk has a special place in Sikh history as Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji kept and trained hawks. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was known to keep a number of hawks who he personally trained.

Also, many nihang Singh admire and train hawks to be keep the tradition alive.

1. One cannot keep Baaj in a Cage; either Baaz will break it or Die.

Similarly, Singh cannot accept Slavery and repression. He shall always struggle for his freedom and honor.

2. Baaj’s are courageous, strong and extremely agile birds provided with dreadful weapons.

Similarly, Singh’s are respectful, courageous, hardworking, and enterprising. Weapons, especially the sword have a deep spiritual meaning within Sikhism. The Kirpan is one of the articles of faith that every baptized Sikh Khalsa is required to carry at all times. It shows the force of Good that shall ever strive to protect truth and weak and the destroyer of evil and tyrant.

3. Baaj has very good eye sight ~ they can spot a meal up to a mile away. They always fly high and keep a close eye on their meal in the bottom.

Similarly, in daily Ardaas, Singh seeks “Man neeva Mat uchi” which means Singh must discard his or her ego, arrogance and haughtiness and always keep high moral values and high spirituals principles.

4. Baaj is the swiftest birds of prey and is very muscular. They catch their prey in mid-air. It has been observed that if their meal falls to the ground, they won’t go get it. In fact, they don’t usually fly lower than the level of their nest. And also it is believed that Baaj catch prey on their own; and never eats other’s food.

Similarly, Singh always take stand on their rights, belief and truth and never indulge in taking other person’s rights.

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