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Today is the fateful day when The Chote Sahibzade, Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji were bricked alive on the orders of Wazir Khan. They were 7 years and 5 years old respectively. They were offered all kinds of luxuries in return for agreeing to give up Sikhism and accepting Islam. When luxuries failed to lure them, Wazir Khan used cruel means to torture them so that they could accept Islam out of fear. They, along with their grandmother were made to stay on a high tower(in open) during this chilly winter weather. At such a tender age, they had such great amount of courage and love for their religion. Nothing could divert them from their path of Sikhism.. They happily accepted to give up their lives so that they could die as a Sikh and Sikhism could live on forever.
It is so disheartening to see In today’s times Sikhs are made fun of and laughed upon.. TURBAN AND BEARD are the identities of all the Sikh men. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has blessed us with this distinguished identity so that a Sikh can be spotted easily in a crowd..Turban is not a burden on head, but is a responsibility. Responsibly to serve others, responsibility to help anyone in need and responsibility to fight any kind of injustice happening to anyone.
During this time so many Sikhs had voluntarily given up their lives for their religion.. They chose to get their heads slaughtered instead of chopping off their beard and hair. This religion has been formed with great amount of sacrifices and hardships. So it is our responsibility carry it forward with full faith and dedication. Fortunate are the people who are chosen by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and sent to this earth as a Sikh.

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