Honey Singh whose been unwell since October 2014 has finally made a public appearance. There were rumors flying around that he lost his memory or that he is suffering from drug overdose. Musician Honey Singh’s illness is not yet known but he visited Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji to pray for his well being.

At the advice of his mother, the entire family of Honey Singh went to Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji to do ardas so that Honey Singh can heal from his illness. The raper has been absent from the music seen for a while now and many people became concerned about what happened to him.

Honey Singh appeared to not be well as it can be noticed from his voice and face. The rapper wore very simple clothes unlike his over sized clothing he usually wears. He seemed to have grown a bit of facial hair and physically appeared to be unwell. He also seemed to be sleep deprived.

Here is the video of him at Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji:

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