Jagraj Singh’s fourth return to Hyde Park, where 2 Muslims; Ali Dawah & Mohammed Hijab try to question him. Watch what happens next!

Bhai Jagraj Singh brilliantly answered by the twisted questions of the Muslim speakers.

What is Basics of Sikhi?

We feel that our Parchar should focus on the 95% that unites us rather than the 5% that divides us.

We think Sikhi is so amazing and beautiful that it doesn’t need preaching, simply needs teaching. People are not buying Sikhi but at the same time, Sikhi doesn’t need selling, it just needs telling.

If we taught people the wisdom of Guruji, the example they set with their lives and the relevance of that spiritual and social message to today’s world, we think we could effect a change of consciousness in our Sikh community andwith Guru’s grace, the wider world.

We think the world is hungry for Guru’s message and that people are ready to invest time and effort into learning this wisdom. With the advent of youtube and online learning, our Guru’s message is able to have a big impact with very little expense. However, there is a massive gap in the resources available in these mediums.

We feel that our community has done enough work raising money for building funds and that now we need to invest into fundamentals building. Basics of Sikhi is just that, focusing on the what one might call the cake of Sikhi, rather than the icing.

We feel that the sangat is the most powerful part of Sikhi and that making all resources free at the point of consumption, just like langar, we allow the GurSangat’s dasvandh to be our power source. We don’t wish to charge for anything.

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