Arun Jaitely’s Union Budget allocated 100cr for the celebrations of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 350th Parkash Utsav (birthday) celebrations to which Sikhs have reacted by not accepting it.

However, the so called Jathedars of various takhts have celebrated the allocation of the money but the sangat of the Guru have denounced the money.

The correct manner to celebrate Gurpurab’s is by selfless service and any expenses should be paid through the Guru’s Golak. Sikhs worldwide have a common understanding that celebrations of Gurpurab’s come from the heart by celebrating every single moment of the Guru’s life. The money in the Golak comes from hard earned money of a Sikh for the benefit of society.

A comment that gained popularity was observed from social media:

“So Mr. Jaitely allocated Rs.100 crore in 2016 Union Budget for Guru Gobind Singh ji’s 350th Birth Anniversary Celebrations!!!
The happiest person on the earth could be the most moronic Takht Jathedar ever. This known polygynist is notorious for his stupid and vane dictates which cut no ice within the community, instead are butt of jokes. He also has a penchant to pocket offerings people send to Takht Patna Sahib through him. Eyes rolling and mouth salivating at a chance to bask in the celebrations, in 2011 he jumped the gun in his glee to attract a huge crowd and announced Guru Gobind Singh ji’s return in human form in 2016!! That too in Patna Sahib!!
Good grabbing-a-chunk from Jaitely’s largesse dude!!!

My take: Sikh is supposed to celebrate Guru every single moment in life. Mindless drowning of precious resources in garb of Gurpurab celebrations ought not be the Sikh way of life.”

Newspaper article on the news:


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