Shocking!: Sikh Boy Called “Terrorist” and Bullied on School Bus (Video)

A Sikh boy uploaded a video of him being bullied by students on a school bus. The shocking video exposes how Sikh children are bullied by their classmates. Recently, a Sikh boy committed suicide after being repeatedly being bullied.

In this particular case, the video has surfaced which shows racist chants on a school bus. The chants can be heard by one of the students saying “terrorist” over and over again.

The boy seems to ignore the racist chants but captures a video of the incident. The boy whose name will not be disclosed had written the following:

“kids being racist to me and calling me an afghani terrorist
please dont act like this towards people like me
if u dont know im not muslim im sikh”

As of now, the school district hasn’t been identified:

Here is the video: