Shocking: Musharraf Says India Involved Peshawar Attack (Video)

Islamabad: At a time when Pakistani leaders are praising India for its support to that country after the Peshawar attack on Tuesday, former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf blamed India for the dastardly attack in which 151 people, including 133 school children, were killed in Peshawar by the Taliban.
“Do you know who is Maulana Fazlullah? He is the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan commander. He is in Afghanistan. And I am reasonably sure that he was supported by former Karzai government and RAW to carry out terror attacks in Pakistan,” Musharraf told CNN-IBN in an exclusive interview.
The former Pakistan president said the perpetrators of the crime were those trained by India. Taliban’s commander was supported by Afghanistan and India to carry out terrorist attack in Pakistan, Musharraf said.
Source: CNN IBN

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