A Mother and her daughter in law became the victims of a double murder case by a worker they had hired to fix a cabinet of theirs.

While the man was hired to fix a cabinet the daughter in law shared personal information about her household with the worker. The worker suggester some baba at his home village. The matter wasn’t resolved despite consultation with the baba. The worker told the daughter in law that someone had done magic on her bed and he needs to take a look. He made an opprotunity to sexually harass the woman but the woman started screaming.

The worker grabbed a hold of a bat and struck the woman in the head and cut her throat from a knife in the home’s kitchen. He did the same to the elderly mother in law who came to see what had occurred in their home.

The knife was leftover by the murderer which was traced to the cuts on the two women’s throats and also related to the man’s own hand.

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