An unbelievable sacrilege of the Sikh Turban was committed in a Indian Television serial ‘Tashne Ishq’ where part of the scene was to knock off the Sikh Turban.

The makers of the serial had no respect for the community as it deeply hurt the sentiments of Sikh worldwide. The Sikh turban is considered sacred and was kept sacred by countless sacrifices throughout history.

The TV Serial must issue an immediate apology for hurting the feelings of the community.

Sadly, such acts are committed quite often on Indian TV Serials. Last year, a TV serial committed sacrilege of Karah Parshad which the community didn’t take any action.

The acts are committed frequently because the Sikh community refuses to protest and so the producers keep committing such acts.

The turban has been an integral part of the Sikh Tradition since the time of Guru Nanak Dev.

Meaning of Sikh Turban

Historical accounts relay to us that all Sikh Gurus wore turbans and their followers –Sikhs– have been wearing them since the formation of the faith. The turban serves as a mark of commitment to the Sikh Gurus.

It distinguishes a Sikh as an instrument of the Guru and decrees accountability for certain spiritual and temporal duties. It is a mark of the Guru and declares that the Sikh wearing a turban is a servant of the Divine Presence.

Wearing the turban gives much inner strength as well. Sikhs take this gift of the Guru with them everywhere they go. Just by being exposed to this regal quality, their attitudes and psyche get shaped in a certain way.

Massive Sacrilege of Sikh Turban on TV Serial by dailysikhupdates

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