A 28 Day Old infant was raped by a 25 year old man in a village in UP.

Parents of a 28 Day Old infant from Bullanshahr, UP were heart broken after finding out their child was bleeding in agony profusely after they returned home from voting in their local elections.

Photo: Being Indian Site
Photo: Being Indian Site

The infant was raped by a 25 year old man from village Asif Nagla, UP after the parents went to cast their vote said the local SP Pankaj.

The infant was referred to a higher care centre from the government hospital in Khurja after doctor determined the condition of the infant to be severe.

A person by the name of Namino was identified as the culprit belonging to the same village after an FIR was filed by the father.

A question comes to mind that how such an inhuman act was committed in the first place and why such evilness and cruelty exists in this world.

The ugly face of humanity has been shown by this horrendous act.

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