Shock in Community After Sikh RCMP Officer Allegedly Commits Suicide

The worldwide Sikh community is in shock after the news of Jasmine Thiara, a RCMP officer in Canada took her life according to reports on social media sites. According to reports the RCMP officer took her life by shooting herself on February 21, 2021.

The news first came on social media by Facebook user Kartar Singh:

The news was further confirmed by users on Twitter.

First responder Pascal Rodier wrote on Twitter:

“Cst Jasmine Thiara #64971 from Richmond. Say her name. She’ll get no parade, no medal and no address. She’ll be barely mentioned in the public news. Yet she served all the citizens of her community as part of law enforcement. Because of how she died she’ll never be mentioned.”

The Hamilton Police Association wrote on Twitter:

Those who knew Jasmine posted on Twitter: