The Asian gold medalist Kaur Singh was delighted when he heard Shahrukh Khan donated rs 5 Lakh to pay for his medical bills. The 52 year old won a gold medal in boxing at the Asian games in 1982 and found it difficult to pay for bills in his treatment of a heart condition.

Kaur Singh (Left)

Kaur Singh became very popular after boxing Muhammad Ali in an exhibition match in the 1980s.

The money was donated from the Kolkata Knight Riders’ Foundation which helps struggling sportsmen of India.

Shahrukh Khan said, “Sportspersons bring pride to a country, and it is our duty to look after them as a society. After reading about Kaur Singh, we as a sporting unit, felt the need to stand by our fellow sportsman, and urge everyone else to do the same in their own way.”

“We wish Kaur Singh a speedy recovery and a healthy life,” he added.

Shah Rukh Khan told the media that he was passionate about all the sports from cricket to badminton.

“We, at Knight Riders, are extremely passionate about sports, which is not necessarily limited to cricket,” he added.

The boxing federation also helped Kaur Singh with a 1 lakh donation.

Kaur Singh said, “I feel as if I am reliving the glory of the past. I thank everyone who came out and extended help.”

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