Today, pictures and news stories have been all about Shahid Kapoor’s Radha Soami ritual wedding to Delhi girl Mira Rajput.

The actor himself tweeted a selfie with his new bride which was a seal somewhat to the photos which had been released throughout the day.

The wedding was according to rituals of Radhasoamis whom both families believe in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.



A guest of the wedding spoke to Mumbai Mirror, “It was half a kilometre’s walk from the gate to the house, and Shahid danced all the way to the sound of dhols. His buddies, producer Madhu Mantena, designer Kunal Rawal who has tailored his wedding wardrobe, and choreographer Bosco, joined him, as did the other baratis, including Madhu’s wife Masaba and filmmaker Mubina Rattonsey”.

The source went on to confirm that the wedding was a small affair with around 30 guests. The ceremony was an Anand Karaj which is known for Sikh weddings. The ceremony was done between 11am and noon on 7th July.

A media person present during the wedding tweeted it was a ‘simple Gurudwara wedding.’


The arranged wedding occurred in a farm house in the outskirts of the national capital and reception was held at the Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon.

Famous Sikh raagi Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Vale was present at Shahid Kapoor’s Radha Saomi ritual wedding.


The Indian Express reported:

The ‘Vivah’ actor wanted it to be a close-knit affair and only the couple’s family members and few friends were invited to be part of the ceremony. Shahid Kapoor, from the beginning, kept the details of his marriagIt e under wraps as he feels their wedding is a “normal and regular affair”. “I refrain from getting into details. I thought that since I am here today, it was important to acknowledge it in front of the media, so I am doing that. Other than that, she is a normal girl and I am a normal guy, and we should treat it like something normal and regular. It’s my personal space and I won’t get into the details,” Shahid had said.

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