Shaheedi of Sardar Sham Singh Attari

The Khalsa forces fought British forces in the battle of Sabhraon. It is during this battle that the brave Khalsa General, Sardar Sham Singh of Attari, fell fighting and accepted shahadat. During this war, the Khalsa forces suffered heavy losses, mainly due to internal dissension. The Sikh army deprived of ammunition and rations, crossed Sutlej at Sobraon. British made three attacks and were repulsed. Lal Singh and Tej Singh ran away from the battle field as planned with the British. Gulab Singh came and started negotiations with the British to the detriment of Sikh interests. Lal Singh cut off the boat bridge so that Sikh army could neither get any reinforcement nor could retreat back. Under such circumstances the British won and the Sikhs lost. The Sikh army stood defeated and thus came the most inglorious end of a most glorious army of the Khalsa. This was the last battle between the British and the Sikhs.

ATTARI: a city in Amritsar District, which is famous for one of its residence, DharamVeer, and Khalsa RajBhagat Sham Singh. Sham Sing was one of the well-respected and recognized generals of the Khalsa forces. He was uniquely a symbol of the unflinching will of the Khalsa, Sham Singh fell in the Sabhraon war while bravely fighting the enemy forces. Sham Singh’s daughter, Nanaki, was married to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s grandson, Naunihal Singh, on march of 1837.
-Ref. Mahan Kosh.

sardar sham singh attari

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