(O crow) don’t touch these eyes of mine; I still have the hope to see my beloved.
E doye naina mat chooho pir dekhan ki aas ( ang 1382 )

Many of us might have seen the above painting in our homes or Gurudawara’s.

This painting is described as a historical event or a metaphor referring to the Vairagi (devotional austerity) state of Bhagat Farid ji.


The story says that a crow was pecking into the body of Baba Sheikh Farid ji. But however, Farid ji asks the crow to peck into any part of his body but to leave his eyes as he is still waiting to have a glance of his master.

The other way to look at this incident is to view mind as the crow, more specifically five vices: kaam (lust),krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and hankaar (ego), which creates an illusion and hinders in clear vision of the reality (The truth).

Below are the verses from ‘Shalok Farid ji ke’ and are translated keeping in mind the crow is the mind.

90 – O Farid, the body has withered and the crow (mind) had eaten up its palms, still he is not turning to God, look at the plight of the being.

91 – Even if the crow (mind) had eaten up my whole body, I would request it to leave my eyes (the ability to see good) because I still have the hope to see my beloved.

From both the views, we feel inspired to be Bairaagi or Vairagi (devotional austerity).

Source: Harpreet Singh and Tony’s Thought of the Day



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