(DSU News Bureau) Film “Nanak Shah Fakir” is all set to release in mid April but the SGPC has issued statements wanting a ban on the film. The SGPC is totally against the release of the film and in the past issued statements condemning it.

The SGPC stated the film will be stopped from release at all costs and will do everything it can to stop the film from hitting the cinemas in April.


Avtar Singh Makkar said, “SGPC never gave approval for the film nor has the Akal Takht.” He went onto say that the SGPC and Akal Takht never agreed to the film’s approval and any attempts by the makers to highlight Akal Takht’s approval is false.

Makkar went onto say the Akal Takht Jathedar never expressed any sentiments about the film and stating Akal Takht gave blessing to the film is false and an attempt to gain support from the Sikh sangat.

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