During December of 214 The SGPC launched a program called ‘Sikhi Saroop Mera Asli Roop’ in an effort to council Sikh youngsters to keep their kesh and to get them to follow teachings of Sikhi.

The SGPC with 100 parcharaks went to various villages and over 1,000 schools across Punjab to identify Sikh youths who’ve cut their hair and to counsel and encourage them to come back to Sikhi.

The SGPC’s Dharam Parchar Committee head Jagdev Singh was quoted in a newspaper saying, “We go to schools, identify Sikh students who have cut their hair, separate them for a lecture, and tell them that being Sikh will bring them more respect in society. We also pick two students, one with a turban and another without, and give a spot demo on how wearing a turban increases height and makes them more handsome. Students are also told that this is a way to stay healthy as going to the hairdresser can give them infectious diseases that spread through scissors.”

The SGPC says they have received a commitment by 14,000 youth to “never go patit again”.

Reportedly, the students will be honored during the celebrations of the 350th day of the founding of Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji.

“The first phase of the drive is approaching the end. As many as 14,000 students signed the undertaking to grow their hair and follow the tenets of Sikhism. SGPC may soon start another leg of the drive,” said Balwinder Singh Jaura Singha, secretary of the Dharam Parchar Committee.

The education department responded to the efforts of the SGPC, “This hasn’t come to my notice,” said District Education Officer (Secondary Education) Satinderbir Singh. “If SGPC is only asking Sikh students to start following the tenets of their religion, it is just a kind of moral education, but if the preachers are asking students of other religions to start following Sikhism, that is wrong. Ideally, however, such an exercise should not be held in schools. Schools are secular in nature.”

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