SGPC Member: Only 1 Scene Controversial About Sikhs in “PK” (Video)

2 SGPC members have 2 different opinions on the Film “PK”. SGPC member Kiranjot Kaur says the film gives a good message on how certain religious people take advantage of people and it’s a good film for awareness. Furthermore, she states only a particular scene she found controversial where the Kesh of a Sikh were shown open. Meanwhile, SGPC member Karnail Singh appealed to the film makers of “PK” that they should have consulted with the SGPC regarding the scenes of Sikhs.
Karnail Singh appeared to have not watched the film but stated scenes about Sikhs should have been clarified with Sikh authorities. Overall, sikh sangat have approved the film on social networks and no big issues have been made regarding the scenes showing Sikhs.

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