While Punjabis worldwide praised the incredible work of Harjit Singh Sajjan, the SGPC Head slammed him over political issues during the visit to Sri Darbar Sahib.

A news report from a Punjabi newspaper states that the SGPC Head Kirpal Singh Bandugar questioned why the Akali Dali leaders get protested against by certain Canadian politicians when they visit Canada. Bandunagar requested the Canadian Defense Minister to give advice to his Canadian colleagues to stop the protests against the Akali Dal leaders.

The newspaper article further reveals that the comments were made in a closed meeting between the SGPC chief and the Canadian Defense Minister. Many on social media are unhappy with the SGPC’s statements revealed in the newspaper article and stated the SGPC chief should refrain from commenting on political issues. The SGPC is a Sikh religious institute whose political party wing is the Akali Dali.

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