Historical photo where Baba Deep Singh Ji placed his head after reaching Sri Harmandar Sahib.


There use to be a Nishan Sahib at this place that was removed by the SGPC. Later, there remained a pedestal type structure which was also removed by the SGPC to widen the Parikarma.

Then it was flattened out to be bring it level with the surrounding surface. Photo by: Jaswinder Singh

Current Condition:



On the outskirts of Amritsar, Baba ji and a group of heavily outnumbered Sikhs fought two fierce battles against a Mughal force of 20,000. In the second engagement Baba Deep Singh in the course of battle was beheaded, but having vowed to die in the precincts of Sri Harmandar Sahib Ji. He kept his promise by continuing after picking up his head and carrying it on his palm, whilst continuing to fight. He then left for Sach Khand with his severed head resting on the parkarma of Harimander Sahib on 13 November 1757.

Today at the same spot, just south of the norteast corner of the parkarma, a large marble octagonal tile marks the spot where his head landed. Many pilgrims stop and pause here daily, as they have since his death, to sprinkle rose pedals and lay garlands on the tile as they pray in his honor.

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